Masss Movie Review

Audience Rating : 4/5
Critics Review     : 3/5
Rating                   : 2.75/5

Plus Points: Suriya, 2nd Half, Yuvan’s Back Ground Score
Minus Points: Editing, Predictable Scenes, Graphics 

Suriya's "Masss" has released to really positive reviews from critics and audience. Both of them have stated that it is a clean entertainer.
"Masss" is a horror-comedy film, which has all ingredients of a victorious movie. The movie demonstrates Suriya in never earlier than avatars in the movie, which has Pranitha, Karunas, Samuthikirani, Parthiban, Premji Amaren, and others are in the cast. "Masss" has RD Rajasekar's cinematography, Yuvan Shankar Raja's music and Praveen KL's editing.
Masss creates you sit down on the razor’s rim. A beautiful movie with unfamiliar type of story-line with irregular turns and twists.


Surya as Shakti and Masss alias Maasilamani. As Mass, he talks local Tamil and as Shakti he talks Ceylon Tamil. In both job Surya achieves, he brings a efficient presentation.

Praneetha and Nayantara as heroines. Vidyulekha Raman as Nayan’s friend, plays a bubbly character. Nayan has very less romantic scenes with Suriya.
Premji Amaran as usual hero Suriya's friend. Prathiban as a cool cop, through the movie he travels with his witty dialogues.

Suriya gets the ability to see the ghosts after a car accident. The movie story shows how he meets different ghosts and helps them to fulfill their last wish. Interestingly, he met another Suriya who is a ghost, how they both are related to each other and How they both gets relates to the main villain Samuthirakani? Watch out in main screens.